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Who makes the best ketchup, Heinz or Daddys?

Tomato? It’s gotta be Heinz. If it’s brown, then Daddies. Just don’t ever mix the two. Never cross the streams etc… 

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Nintendo Explains Why It Patched Same-sex Relationships in Tomodachi Life


Earlier today Nintendo announced that Tomodachi Life has been localised for a western release. The game itself is a barmy-looking life-sim where players can act out a selection of random activities via their Mii, including but not limited to; dating and getting married.

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¡DARK SOULS en toda su puta esencia!

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Feature: NowGamer: How Gamers Are Changing The Games We Play

Everyone’s a critic, or so they say. Wesley Copeland finds out how gamers are changing our games. With interviews from Thomas Was Alone’s Mike Bithell, and DC Universe Online’s Jens Andersen.

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