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The Escapists looks great, here’s why I’m excited for it


AAA trailers are crap. Everything looks shinier, the physics are never as daft as the final release, and aspects get pulled because they aren’t realistically possible on the hardware the game’s being designed for.

The beautiful thing about indie games, though, is that they’re much harder to dress up. If something has been designed to emulate an 8-Bit experience, sneaking in a few extra frames per-second isn’t going to make much of a difference to the product the consumer gets upon launch. It’ll still look 8-Bit even if it runs a little smoother in a trailer.

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There, I’m back again

Alone they stood surrounded by friends.  A once-ended war rages on once more. Life, or the facsimile of one, is torn in different directions. What once was up, now plummets in a self-destructive downward spiral.

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Ask me anything

Who makes the best ketchup, Heinz or Daddys?

Tomato? It’s gotta be Heinz. If it’s brown, then Daddies. Just don’t ever mix the two. Never cross the streams etc… 

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Nintendo Explains Why It Patched Same-sex Relationships in Tomodachi Life


Earlier today Nintendo announced that Tomodachi Life has been localised for a western release. The game itself is a barmy-looking life-sim where players can act out a selection of random activities via their Mii, including but not limited to; dating and getting married.

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¡DARK SOULS en toda su puta esencia!

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