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All-New X-Men #32 Review


If you’ve ever tried to explain the plot of All-New X-Men out loud, it sounds pretty preposterous. The concept of younger, more inexperienced X-Men being brought forward in time shouldn’t work, and yet, each issue manages to dish out just enough intrigue to grapple the reader’s attention. Brian Bendis has shown on numerous occasions he has a clear vision for the series and where it’s heading, and issue 32 continues to offer us a 19-page glimpse of what that full picture really is.

Issue 32 opens with a bewildered Angel staring hopelessly into The Savage Land. Having become displaced following the introduction of a new mutant, the young X-Men find themselves lost in an alternate reality, stranded across different parts of the world.

Jean Grey finds herself in the Ultimate version of New York alongside Spider-Man, Miles Morales. There’s a question introduced by Bendis and answered several times over: without the watch and care of Professor Charles Xavier, how would Jean Grey differ as a person? It’s a question answered once more in issue 32 when Jean needs to quickly know what’s going on, but chooses to take the easy route rather than act in a way non-mutants would – the way in which Xavier would have shown her.

Part of the charm of All-New X-Men comes from the individual personalities bouncing off one another. So when each of the young X-Men are separated, it’s interesting to see how their characters differ. After running into an unfamiliar face, Angel still manages to come off as witty and slightly scared. X-23, likewise, retains her vulnerability and unhinged aggression. Even Beast manages to garner interest when he runs into who he thinks are Turkish people. The only instance where the writing dips is during Iceman’s two pages, where he simply doesn’t have anyone or anything worthwhile to interact with.

On the art front, Mahmud A. Asrar returns for his third issue in the series. Although previously receiving criticism for a lack of energy, Asrar rectifies this through a clever use of silhouettes, an abundance of detail – specifically in the early panels – and a beautiful fragmented one-page spread. There’s still the recurring problem of reusing cells, but this time round it’s handled to showcase humour, which is never a bad thing.

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Destiny Mission Log: 02 – To the Moon and Back

This isn’t a review of Destiny, the newly-released FPS, MMO, Not-MMO, thing-a-ma-jig from Bungie. If anyone has a review after playing Destiny for less than 48-hours, jettison them into the sun. This article is written based on a day-by-basis, and thus, should be treated as 1) Probably very wrong, and, 2) Not a final opinion. The first Destiny Mission Log can be found HERE]


What is Destiny? I’m not sure. In the run-up to launch, I heard it explained as an RPG. It’s not. Elsewhere I heard it was an MMO-hybrid. It’s not that either. So what is it? Well, it’s a First-person Shooter, duh!

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Destiny Mission Log: 01 - A Day(te) With Destiny

[This isn’t a review of Destiny, the newly-released FPS, MMO, Not-MMO, thing-a-ma-jig from Bungie. If anyone has a review after playing Destiny for less than 24-hours, jettison them to the moon. This article is written based on a day-by-basis, and thus, should be treated as 1) A bit shit, and, 2) Not a recommendation of any kind]

Alone and lost with only Peter Dinklage’s voice to guide you on what is perceived to be the most important journey gaming has to offer in 2014. As you stagger to your feet, Dinklage – a flying, futuristic Rubik’s Cube known as ‘Ghost’ – offers words of encouragement to make the passing from dead to suddenly reanimated all the more easier.


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Latest Reviews: inFamous: First Light & Diablo III


On First Light, I said…:

"Fetch wasn’t just another damsel in distress. She wasn’t another victim for the male protagonist to heroically save in order to satisfy the player’s manliness. Fetch was different, Fetch had style and substance. She wasn’t a one-dimensional sock puppet with breasts. She had a story, a fairly decent story, too."


On Diablo III, I said…

[Diablo III is] …a game that takes players to heaven and hell in both the literal and metaphorical sense: Up in the clouds, Diablo III proves why it’s earned the moniker of the industry’s premier AAA dungeon crawler. Even though it often sinks to the bowls of school boy-design errors, the highs often eclipse the lows; resulting in a gameplay experience only Diablo can deliver.

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The Escapists looks great, here’s why I’m excited for it


AAA trailers are crap. Everything looks shinier, the physics are never as daft as the final release, and aspects get pulled because they aren’t realistically possible on the hardware the game’s being designed for.

The beautiful thing about indie games, though, is that they’re much harder to dress up. If something has been designed to emulate an 8-Bit experience, sneaking in a few extra frames per-second isn’t going to make much of a difference to the product the consumer gets upon launch. It’ll still look 8-Bit even if it runs a little smoother in a trailer.

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There, I’m back again

Alone they stood surrounded by friends.  A once-ended war rages on once more. Life, or the facsimile of one, is torn in different directions. What once was up, now plummets in a self-destructive downward spiral.

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Ask me anything

Who makes the best ketchup, Heinz or Daddys?

Tomato? It’s gotta be Heinz. If it’s brown, then Daddies. Just don’t ever mix the two. Never cross the streams etc… 

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Nintendo Explains Why It Patched Same-sex Relationships in Tomodachi Life


Earlier today Nintendo announced that Tomodachi Life has been localised for a western release. The game itself is a barmy-looking life-sim where players can act out a selection of random activities via their Mii, including but not limited to; dating and getting married.

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